TFWC was implemented over ns-2 simulator and Vic tool.

TFWC over ns-2 simulator

You can checkout the ns-2 source code (all-in-one package, version 2.34) in the following SVN server:

svn checkout

This branch includes the cwnd jitter feature.

TFWC over Vic tool

We have a real-world application-level implementation of TFWC using Vic tool. The initial funding to this work came from the Google Summer of Code 2008, hosted by OMII-UK. You can download a snapshot version of TFWC as described below.
However, this version is just a snapshot version of the work done by 08/15/2008, and may be unstable. You can check out fresh copy of working version from the subversion server of AVATS project as belows.

svn checkout vic-cc

To build and run Vic's CC branch, you would need to install UCL's common library. There is a project Wiki that describes more details about it, but you could simply check out the below code.

svn checkout common

(This will check out UCL's common library)

Note: UCL common library uses Tcl/Tk developer library, so make sure you have installed Tcl/Tk developer's package if you have sudo privilege in your target machine, or you could check out UCL's Tcl/Tk source code as descried in the project Wiki.

I used to maintain a blog that deals with the issues around Vic congestion control branch.